Agenda For Next City Council Meeting





Notice is hereby given that on Monday September 18, 2023, the Aurora City Council will hold a public hearing before their regularly scheduled City Council meeting.  The meeting will be held in the Aurora City Office Building located at 20 S. 120 E. Aurora, UT at 7:00 pm.

Public Hearing-

1-       Inform the public of the intent to submit a request to CIB for a road resurfacing project. 

City Council Meeting Agenda-

Expression of choice: Hal Jensen

Roll Call and statement of notice given:

1-       Pledge of Allegiance

2-       Approval of Minutes for the August 21, 2023 City Council Meeting.

3-       OPEN SESSION – (Individuals may present concerns to the city council for informational purposes only)

4-       Water Project- Parker Vercimak

5-       Andy Rasmussen – Charles Billingsley – Code Enforcement

6-       Planning Commission items-

  1.         Vacant/nuisance lot clean-up procedures
  2.         Animal Control changes – (roosters, AUM’s, defining neighbor, enhancements, rule requirements)
  3.         Changes to annexation requirements – not requiring water.

7-       CIB Road Project –

8-       Shay Morrison-

  1.         GOEO Water Infrastructure Grant Submitted
  2.         GOEO Rural Communities Opportunity Grant Preparation
  3.         UDOT TPA Program Preparations
  4.         Subdivision Assistance RFP Update
  5.         GOPB Funding Tracker

9-       Main Street Road Project Update-

10-    Lead pipe replacement program

11-    Irrigation System  @ Aurora City Park

12-    White’s Fuel surcharge increase .50 cents

13-    Christmas Festival – Tambrea Vercimak

14-    Solar Eclipse- Oct 14th preparations


Jim Harrison-  City Buildings-  

                        City Treasurer-

Kelly Mason-  Parks & Recreation-  Rec Director / Audit completed

                        Police Department- 

Nancy Kennedy-  Planning and Zoning Committee –  

     Emergency Preparedness Planning –

         Andy Rasmussen-  Fire Department- 

          Hal Jensen-  Animal Control-   


                                      Culinary Water-

                                      Clean-Up Week-  Day of Service Re-cap

          Jordon Bosh- Equipment and Maintenance-  New Laptop purchase


16-     Culinary Water System: 1- Water Use Report 2- Review of past due accounts

17-    Review of financial expenditures and financial reports

18-    Items from the Recorder- 1-

19-    Items from the Mayor- 1-

20-    Executive Session/Closed Meeting  

21-    Expression of Choice: Nancy Kennedy


Dated this 14th day of September, 2023_____________________, Clint Johnson, Aurora City Recorder**In Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals needing special accommodations (including auxiliary communicative aids and services) during this meeting should notify Clint Johnson, City Recorder at 529-7643 at least two days prior to the meeting.