Agenda For Next City Council Meeting

October 2017



Notice is hereby given that on Monday October 16, 2017, the Aurora City Council will hold their regular monthly meeting.  The meetings will be held in the Aurora City Office Building located at 20 S. 120 E. Aurora, UT  at 7:00 pm.

City Council Meeting Agenda-                                                                  

Expression of choice: Denton Mason    

Roll Call and statement of notice given

1-       Review and motion: September 18, 2017 city council meeting minutes

2-       OPEN SESSION (Individuals may present concerns to the council for informational purposes only)

3-       Savage/Albrecht Engineering – Jeff Albrecht  Protest from Delta hearing in December

4-       Bee Ordinance Review –  (3rd reading)

5-       No-Spray Zone Ordinance Review-  (3rd reading)

6-       Parking On Public Property Ordinance – (2nd reading)

7-       Low Income/Middle Income  Housing Worksheet

8-       Culinary Water – tiered payment request from the State of Utah

9-       Department Reviews:

  1.         City Buildings:
  2.         Planning Commission: 
  3.         Public Safety:

                                                               i.      Public Safety Officers-

                                                              ii.      Animal Control –  

                                                            iii.      Fire Department -

  1.          Court -  
  2.         Parks and Recreation/Rodeo Arena- compensation for Clint/Kent
  3.          Public Works:

                                                               i.      Maintenance-

                                                              ii.      Cemetery-

                                                            iii.      Equipment and Buildings-

                                                             iv.      Streets and Bridges-

                                                              v.      Wastewater system

10-    Culinary Water System 1- Water Use Report 2- Review of past due accounts

11-    Review expenditures since last meeting/financial reports

12-    Items from the Recorder: Aurora Municipal Codes Online, set date for public hearings,

13-    Executive Session/Closed Meeting  - 

Expression of Choice: Joanne Shaw



Dated this 11th day of October, 2017