Aurora City Council Minutes

City of Aurora

City Council Meeting

October 16, 2017

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OCTOBER 16, 2017




Mayor Scott Gurney called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Mayor Gurney informed the public that the time place and agenda of the meeting had been placed on the state notice website and provided to the Salina Sun newspaper via the state website notification system. Each member of the city council also received notice of the meeting and agenda at least two days prior to the meeting.  The notice and agenda were also posted at the Aurora City Office Building, the US Post Office lobby and on the website.  Denton Mason offered and opening expression of choice.


PRESENT:        Mayor Scott Gurney

                        Council Member Nancy Kennedy arrived at 7:15

                        Council Member Joanne Shaw

                        Council Member Andy Rasmussen

                        Council Member Daven Quarnberg

                        Council Member Denton Mason


EXCUSED:        Maintenance Supervisor: Dan Rasmussen


STAFF PRESENT:  Clint Johnson, City Recorder


VISITORS:  Devan Coates, Neil and Robin Andersen




The Aurora City Council reviewed the minutes of the September 18, 2017 meeting where a few corrections were made.  






City of Aurora

City Council Meeting

October 16, 2017

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Council Member Daven Quarnberg moved to approve the minutes as corrected. Council Member Joanne Shaw seconded the motion.  The motion was approved by Council Members Quarnberg, Rasmussen, Mason, and Shaw. 



  1.       OPEN SESSION-


No citizens came forward with questions or comments for the city council.




Mayor Gurney informed the council that the change orders requested by Aurora City, to change spring water to underground water had been protested by Delta.  Mayor Gurney stated that a hearing with the state engineer will be held probably sometime in December where hopefully the issue will be resolved.  Jeff Albrecht from Savage/Albrecht Engineering was not in attendance at the meeting but had stated that he felt that the hearing would be routine and go well for the city.  Mr. Johnson was directed to contact Mr. Albrecht and find out exactly what the city needed to prepare for the hearing and if Aurora City should invite their city attorney to the hearing.


  1.       BEE ORDINANCE-


The Aurora City Planning Commission had finished work on the Bee Ordinance and sent their final revision to the city council for their approval.  After a lot of discussion concerning how many boxes constitutes a hive.  The council agreed to move forward with the ordinance and instructed Mr. Johnson to schedule a public hearing on November 20, 2017 for the purposes of gaining public input and then passing or rejecting the bee ordinance.




Mr. Johnson informed the city council that the planning commission had also finished work on the mosquito abatement/no-spray ordinance.  The ordinance had been sent to the city council for their decision to move forward with a public hearing.  The city council made three changes to the ordinance sent by the planning commission.  In item (2), the council added the word human and struck out the word property.  In item (3), the council changed the term 300 feet to 100 foot radius from the center of the applicants’ residence.  I item (5),

City of Aurora

City Council Meeting

October 16, 2017

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the city council changed the sentence to add “any mosquito carrying virus like West Nile Virus or Western Equine Encephalitis”.  After those changes were made, the city council felt the ordinance was ready to be scheduled for a public hearing and directed Mr. Johnson to schedule the hearing for November 20, 2017. 




The planning commission had also sent an ordinance prohibiting the parking of vehicles, trailer, trucks, buses or any other vision impairing thing on the city right of way.  The council discussed many of the issues with having such an ordinance.  Council Member Daven Quarnberg wanted to have the opinion of Aurora City law enforcement before proceeding with such an ordinance.  The council determined to table the discussion but to place the item on future city council agendas.




Mr. Johnson informed the council that he had been contacted by the Department of Workforce Services regarding a middle income/low income housing worksheet that needed to be completed.  Mr. Johnson expressed his frustration with the state in creating busy work for cities when they really have very little control over the type or cost of housing available in their communities.  Mayor Gurney suggested that Mr. Johnson reach out to the Six County Association of Governments and see if they would be willing to help with the completion of the 18 page document.




Mr. Johnson also informed the city council that he had been contacted by Jim Behunin from the State of Utah auditor’s office stating that Aurora City was not in compliance with Senate Bill 26 from 2016.  This bill requires municipalities to create at least a two tier cost for culinary water in order to promote conservation.  Mr. Johnson tried to explain that currently Aurora City charges $35.30 for culinary water up to 15,000 gallons.  After the 15,000 gallon mark had been reached, the cost increases $2.50 for every 1,000 gallons over the 15,000 gallons.  This was not acceptable to the state.  They want the city have a set charge for a specific number of gallons.  The state also feels like 15,000 gallons is way too much.  After some discussion as to how to comply with the law without losing funding in the


City of Aurora

City Council Meeting

October 16, 2017

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enterprise fund, it was determined that the city council would think about the request and put the item on next month’s agenda.  Mr. Johnson was also directed to run a few scenarios to see what impact any changes would have on the incoming revenue.




Council Member Daven Quarnberg reported that Brady Edwards was now running the Salina Community Center on a trial basis until the end of the year.  Mr. Edwards was the only person who applied for the position and Salina City was hiring him on a temporary basis to see if he could complete his recreation duties along with running the building.  Salina City has asked North Sevier Recreation to help with some of the building expenses now that Recreation Programs are being held in the building.  Members of the city council are hesitant to get too involved in helping fund maintenance of a building that they do not own.  Council Member Denton Mason suggested that North Sevier Recreation “rent” the building to do their programs which would leave the ownership and responsibility in the hands of Salina City.  The city council discussed the pros and cons for such an arrangement and will consider that matter further.  It was also discussed that Clint and Kent be compensated for their work as secretary of the recreation board.  Council Member Quarnberg informed the council that the board had approved a $250.00 per month salary but had run into an issue as to how to pay the individuals.  North Sevier Recreation is not an entity with a self-sustaining tax ID number and cannot make payroll tax payments.  This means that either Salina City or Aurora City will have to pay Mr. Johnson and Mr. Freeman.  In discussion with the city auditors, it was determined that North Sevier Recreation would pay either Aurora City or Salina City the salary money and then one of those city’s would run the payments through their payroll system.  The three cities would then reimburse North Sevier Recreation for the payments or the money would come out of the PAR tax funding. 




The Council Reviewed each report.





The city council reviewed each report.


Aurora City

City Council Meeting

October 16, 2017

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Mr. Johnson informed the city council that the online ordinance website was almost complete and that soon anyone could go online to look at the Aurora City ordinances.  Mr. Johnson stated that it had been a lot of hard work and that there would be some updating and changes made to the ordinances which would require city council approval along with the planning commission and a public hearing.  Once the work is completed, Mr. Johnson will provide the city council with a copy of the changes made and a new book of ordinances for their convenience.  The ordinances will be available from the city website through a link to  Mr. Johnson also provided the city council with a copy of the General Plan that the planning commission had been working on.  The planning commission was not yet finished but the planning commission wanted to make sure that the city council was comfortable with the direction the planning commission was going.  The city council agreed with the direction of the general plan and encouraged the planning commission to continue.




The City Council determined that there would be no need to go into an executive session.




The city council finished their business at 10:05 pm and a closing expression of choice was offered by Joannne Shaw


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