Aurora City Council Minutes

City of Aurora

City Council Meeting

September 18, 2017

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SEPTEMBER 18, 2017




Mayor Scott Gurney called the meeting  to order at 7:15 p.m. The delay was due to the meet the candidate’s night program the city had sponsored previous to beginning of city council meeting.  Mayor Gurney informed the public that the time place and agenda of the meeting had been placed on the state notice website and provided to the Salina Sun newspaper via the state website notification system. Each member of the city council also received notice of the meeting and agenda at least two days prior to the meeting.  The notice and agenda were also posted at the Aurora City Office Building, the US Post Office lobby and on the website.  Clint Johnson offered and opening expression of choice.


PRESENT:        Mayor Scott Gurney

                        Council Member Nancy Kennedy

                        Council Member Joanne Shaw

                        Council Member Andy Rasmussen

                        Council Member Daven Quarnberg

Maintenance Manager Dan Rasmussen


EXCUSED:        Council Member Denton Mason


STAFF PRESENT:  Clint Johnson, City Recorder


VISITORS:  Tina Johnson, Jaclyn Quarnberg, Julia Quarnberg, Luella Cosby, Howard Lewis, Devan Coates, Teresa Mason, Julie Harrison, Julie Curtis, Gary Mason, Boyd Kennedy, Hal Jensen, Don Gragg, Wes Shaw, Kelly Mason




The Aurora City Council reviewed the minutes of the August 21, 2017 meeting where a few corrections were made.  



City of Aurora

City Council Meeting

September 18, 2017

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Council Member Andy Rasmussen moved to approve the minutes as corrected. Council Member Joanne Shaw seconded the motion.  The motion was approved by Council Members Quarnberg, Rasmussen, Kennedy, and Shaw. 



  1.       OPEN SESSION-


Blake Croft addressed the council about his concerns about people speeding along 140 South.  Luella Cosby expressed her concern about the large amounts of dogs roaming the streets in her neighborhood.  Don Gragg wondered why the city council hold their meetings on Monday evenings and also expressed concern about people speeding in front of his home.  Devan Coates asked about city council meeting recordings. 


  1.       BEE ORDINANCE-


The Aurora City Planning Commission had approved a version of the bee ordinance and submitted it to the city council for their approval.  The city council wanted to hear from Sevier County as to why they had decided not to pass a bee ordinance.  The city council was also wondering why the county had placed a 300 feet no spray zone requirement to their mosquito abatement crew when they do their spraying.  Mayor Gurney informed the council that Commissioner May was unable to attend the meeting but that Sevier County had not passed a bee ordinance because they felt most of the bee keeping should be in the county and not in the cities.  Commissioner May had also informed Mayor Gurney that the Sevier County mosquito abatement department would honor any no spray zone requirement that the city would adopt through ordinance.  After much discussion, it was decided that the city council would send the ordinance back to the planning commission and have them make any recommended changes to the bee ordinance that they saw fit to change and to also separate the no-spray portion away from the bee ordinance and make it its own separate ordinance. 




No new information regarding the status of the change orders was given during this time.  Jeff Albrecht had stated that there was no new information and he was not in attendance at the meeting.


City of Aurora

City Council Meeting

September 18, 2017

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Mr. Johnson informed the city council that a multitude of events during the past month had brought into question the current status of allowing parking on public right of way on the city streets.  The problem the council was dealing with was the fact that there are different rules for different portions of the city.  The biggest problem had been the parking of two semi-trailers in front of Marlene James’ home on Center Street.  The trailers had extended themselves almost to the pavement which made it difficult to see oncoming traffic and children waiting to board the school bus.  There had also been some school bus issues of parking on 350 North.  The Planning Commission had determined that they would like to help the city be able to clarify exactly what the rules for parking on the right of way would be and help the citizens be safer when maneuvering around these vehicles.  The Planning Commission had taken an ordinance from Richfield and made some changes to better fit Aurora City.  The safety of the citizens and especially traffic on some of the busy streets were the greatest concern for the planning commission.  The city council reviewed the ordinance but didn’t like many of the provisions so they sent the ordinance back to the planning commission for their review.




Aurora City was blessed to have a good summer water season this year.  The supply of irrigation water, while not ideal, was sufficient to provide the citizens with the needed water to grow their gardens and to water their lawns.  City maintenance manager Dan Rasmussen was in the process of installing three valves in the current water line to allow him to shut off certain portions of the city while still being able to have irrigation water in other lines throughout the city. 




City Buildings-  Scout cabin rentals have become an issue in the community with costs of renting the scout cabin not keeping up with the costs to maintain the building.  After much discussion it was determined that raising the costs of renting the scout cabin was justified.


Council Member Nancy Kennedy moved that the price for rental of the scout cabin be raised from $35.00 to $75.00 with a deposit of $150.00.  Council Member Daven

City of Aurora

City Council Meeting

September 18, 2017

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Quarnberg seconded the motion.  The motion was approved by Council Members Kennedy, Quarnberg, Shaw and Rasmussen.


Parks and Recreation-  Council Member Daven Quarnberg informed the council that Recreation Director Brady Edwards had applied to supervise the community center and incorporated that into his recreation department duties.  The city council was worried that this might distract Mr. Edwards from his first priority of running the recreation department.  The upside was that now the recreation department could incorporate more programs in the community center and better utilize the building.  Salina City claims to be losing money on the building and would like to find better revenue to help finance the building.  Mayor Gurney stated that the building was the asset of Salina City and that Aurora has no interest in helping to pay for maintenance or any costs of the community center in Salina.  Council Member Quarnberg stated that a meeting was scheduled for the following Monday with the Recreation Board to determine the future. 


  1.        MAINTENANCE-


Aurora City Maintenance Director Dan Rasmussen informed the council that the street around Thurel Mason’s home was constantly flooded this summer with run off from some of the down pour rain storms.  Other areas of the community were also experiencing some impact from run off of rain water.  Mr. Rasmussen stated that he will look over the problems and do what he thinks would best solve any of the problems. 




The Council Reviewed each report.





The city council reviewed each report.




Mr. Johnson informed the council that there had a situation with the Wasden family and the burial of their infants had been resolved.  The council also reviewed two business


City of Aurora

City Council Meeting

September 18, 2017

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license applications, one for Nielson Custom Rifles and one for C Lightning LLC.  The council approved the applications for the businesses.  Mr. Johnson also informed the council that he is required to attend a court training session on October 26th and 27th in St. George.  Mr. Johnson is required to attend at least one of the trainings every year and this is the last one scheduled for this year.


Council Member Joanne Shaw moved that Aurora City approve the travel and training fees for Mr. Johnson to attend the court training in St. George.  Council Member Nancy Kennedy seconded the motion.  The motion was approved by council members Shaw, Kennedy, Rasmussen and Quarnberg.




The City Council determined that there would be no need to go into an executive session.




The city council finished their business at 9:55 pm and a closing expression of choice was offered by Mayor Scott Gurney


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