Aurora City Council Minutes


City of Aurora

City Council Meeting     

August 17, 2020

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AUGUST 17, 2020



     The Aurora City Council came to order at 7:00 pm.  Mayor Quarnberg informed the public that proper notice for the meeting had been given.  Clint Johnson offered an opening expression of choice and the pledge of allegiance was given.


PRESENT:        Mayor: Daven Quarnberg

                        Council Member:  Jim Harrison

Council Member: Nancy Kennedy

                        Council Member: Kelly Mason

                        Council Member: Andy Rasmussen

                        Council Member: Kent Mickelsen                



STAFF PRESENT:  Clint Johnson, City Recorder

                        Maintenance Supervisor: Dan Rasmussen

                        Maintenance Manager:  Jordon Bosh




VISITORS: Tyson Jewkes, Kelly Chappell, Paul Foster, Parker Vercimak


City Council Meeting-




The City Council reviewed the minutes of the July 20, 2020 City Council Meeting.  A few minor corrections were made.




City of Aurora

City Council Meeting

August 17, 2020

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City Council Member Andy Rasmussen moved to approve the minutes of the July 20, 2020 meeting as corrected.  The motion was seconded by City Council Member Nancy Kennedy.  The motion was approved by members:  Mason, Kennedy, Harrison, Rasmussen and Mickelsen.




There we no individuals who came forward to address the City Council.




Mr. Tyson Jewkes and Mr. Kelly Chappell from Ensign Engineering Firm were in attendance at the City Council Meeting to introduce themselves and to make the city aware that they are in the area and available to doing engineering work.  Mr. Jewkes mentioned that they were aware of the culinary water project that is currently underway and that they were also aware that the city was in need of some engineering help.  Mayor Quarnberg informed them that Aurora City was looking to get a new engineering firm involved but that the process was too early to begin sending out request for proposals.  The firm stated that they are familiar with water projects and are currently working with Sigurd as they are building a new water tank.  The Mayor stated that the city would keep the firm in mind and thanked them for coming to the city council meeting.




Paul Foster representing Big T Recreation approached the council to discuss new playground equipment at the Aurora City Park.  Mr. Foster made a presentation showing the various types of playground equipment that his company offers.  He discussed their current project in Fillmore City and explained that there were options for installation that allowed local companies to help with installation as well as Aurora City employees.  The Council informed Mr. Foster that they are exploring the possibility of using the COVID-CARES Act money to pay for the new equipment.  Mr. Foster asked what type of budget was possible for the project.  The Council stated that they would like to spend around $80,000.00 on the project.  Mr. Foster stated that he would work up a few good options and get them to the Council to review.  The Council also discussed the possibility of using money currently budgeted for park improvements.  Mr. Johnson informed them

City of Aurora

City Council Meeting

August 17, 2020

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that there is currently around $43,000.00 in the park improvement fund.  The Council discussed the risk of using the CARES money and then having to pay back the funds because they were not properly used.  Mr. Johnson stated that he would try to get further clarification about using the money for such a project. 




Mayor Quarnberg informed the Council that he would like to see Aurora City purchase some tablets for City Council Members as well as the Planning Commission.  He informed the Council that money from the CARES Act could be used for such a purchase in that meetings could be held remotely if further COVID shutdowns could be implemented.  The Planning Commission could also benefit by having off site meetings where their work could continue without them having to get together.  Mr. Johnson stated that this would qualify as a legitimate CARES funding expense, he also noted that Enoch City had made such a purchase with their funding.


Council Member Andy Rasmussen moved to approve funding for 15 ipad tablets for Aurora City to use and purchase those devices with CARES ACT funding.  The motion was seconded by City Council Member Nancy Kennedy.  The motion was approved by members:  Rasmussen, Kennedy, Mason, Harrison and Mickelsen.



6-      WELL UPDATE-


Aurora City Maintenance manager Dan Rasmussen informed the council that the new pump was installed at the West Well and should be running smoothly for the next few days.  Mr. Rasmussen stated that the old pump was a total loss and probably should not have been installed in the well in the first place because of the sediment that is run through the well during the pumping process.  This new pump should be of a better type that is not as sensitive to sediments in the water.




Mayor Quarnberg informed the City Council of the status on the culinary water project.  Mayor Quarnberg stated that he is looking at visiting with representatives from Jones and DeMille to see what input they can give on the project.  The firm should know quite

City of Aurora

City Council Meeting

August 17, 2020

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a bit about the project because they had done the environmental impact study for the project.  The well location was discussed and some other issues that Aurora City needs some direction from an engineering firm to feel comfortable moving forward with the project.  Mayor Quarnberg stated that he would like to set up a work session with representatives from Jones and DeMille and see what they can offer.




City Buildings-  Council Member Harrison reported that there was very little to report but that the buildings were in good condition.

Planning Commission-  Ms. Kennedy reported that the planning commission had held their August meeting where they were working on the business license section of the Aurora City ordinances.

Public Safety-  Chief McLean had been working on some family services issues in Aurora and also needed to purchase a new printer for his police car.

Fire Department-  Mayor Quarnberg informed the Council that the Fire Department had found a water truck in Gunnison that was for sale by the Gunnison Fire Department.  The Mayor also discussed the possibility of fire fighters camping at the Aurora City Park because of the numerous wild fires in the area.

NS Recreation-  Council Member Kelly Mason reported that the August NS Recreation meeting had been canceled.

Maintenance- Mr. Rasmussen stated that a pressure washer was needed to be purchased to maintain equipment.


Council Member Nancy Kennedy moved to approve the purchase of a power washer.  Council Member Kelly Mason seconded the motion.  The motion was approved by members:  Kennedy, Mason, Harrison, Rasmussen and Mickelsen.


Mr. Rasmussen also discussed putting up a barrier around the cemetery across the street from the Fire Station for safety purposes.  He also discussed the number of skunks that had been picked up at the cemetery in the city traps.




The City Council reviewed each of the reports.

City of Aurora

City Council Meeting

August 17, 2020

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Mr. Johnson stated that he should have a water use report for next city council meeting.  He noted that the new program will give the council a lot more information regarding water usage.




The Council Meeting ended at 9:24 pm and an expression of choice was offered by Kent Mickelsen.





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