Aurora City Council Minutes

City of Aurora

City Council Meeting

January 15, 2018

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JANUARY 15, 2018



Mayor Daven Quarnberg called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Mayor Quarnberg informed the public that the time place and agenda of the meeting had been placed on the state notice website and provided to the Salina Sun newspaper via the state website notification system. Each member of the city council also received notice of the meeting and agenda at least two days prior to the meeting.  The notice and agenda were also posted at the Aurora City Office Building, the US Post Office lobby and on the website.  Clint Johnson offered an opening expression of choice.


PRESENT:        Mayor: Daven Quarnberg

                        Council Member: Kelly Mason

                        Council Member: Andy Rasmussen

                        Council Member: Denton Mason

                        Council Member: Nancy Kennedy

                        Council Member: Jim Harrison


                        Maintenance Supervisor: Dan Rasmussen


STAFF PRESENT:  Clint Johnson, City Recorder


VISITORS:  Julie Harrison, Ruth Johnson, Marion Harrison, Ellis Quarnberg, Julia Quarnberg, Brett Quarnberg, Chet White and McKay Rees




Mayor Daven Quarnberg was sworn into office by City Recorder Clint Johnson.  Mayor Quarnberg then administered the oath of office to Council Member Kelly Mason and Council Member Jim Harrison.




Mayor Quarnberg passed out the assignments for the city council members for the next

City of Aurora

City Council Meeting

January 15, 2018

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two years.  The assignments are as follows:


Recorder Clint Johnson – City Recorder, Court Clerk and Cemetery

Andy Rasmussen- Mayor Pro Tem, 4th of July celebration, building permits, city clean-up

Nancy Kennedy-   Planning and Zoning, building permits, streets/bridges, emergency plan

Denton Mason-  North Sevier Rec Board, City Park and West Park and Fire Department

Kelly Mason -  Animal Control, Police Department, building permits

Jim Harrison-  City Buildings, Culinary Water, City Treasurer

Maintenance Supervisor Dan Rasmussen- equipment and maintenance

Mayor Daven Quarnberg-  Personnel and animal control




The Aurora City Council reviewed the minutes of the December 18, 2017 meeting where  one correction was made.  


Council Member Denton Mason  moved to approve the minutes as corrected. Council Member Andy Rasmussen seconded the motion.  The motion was approved by Council Members D. Mason, K. Mason, Kennedy, Rasmussen, and Harrison. 




Chet White from White’s Sanitation made his annual visit to the Aurora City Council meeting.  Mr. White asked the council if they had any concerns or problems with the garbage pickup service.  The council responded that they appreciate the good work done by White’s Sanitation and told them to keep up the good work.  The council also set the date for the city clean-up week to be held May 7th through May 14th.  Mr. White stated that they would drop off a large dumpster at the fire station for large clean up items from Aurora citizens.  Mr. White also addressed the annual 4th of July celebration.  He stated that they would deliver a dumpster to the city park on Monday July 2nd for the city celebrations.  Mr. White also informed the council that tires will be accepted free of charge at the county landfill June 1st through June 15th.




Aurora City resident McKay Rees informed the council that he was interested in some

City of Aurora

City Council Meeting

January 15, 2018

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property located North of Aurora near Gurney Trucking.  Mr. Rees was told that an Aurora City water connection was available and came with the property.  Mr. Rees wanted to make sure that the connection was indeed there and that he would be able to receive Aurora City culinary water on the property.  The city council informed Mr. Rees that normally the city does not sell water to properties outside of Aurora City limits as per Aurora City ordinance.  However, that specific connection was granted to the property owner many years ago when the city water line was placed through the property.  The council wanted to make Mr. Rees aware that it was only one connection and that the water pressure and flow at that specific location was not ideal.  They further wanted Mr. Rees to know that Aurora City was under no obligation to provide better water pressure or flow at that location.  It would be up to Mr. Rees to make the necessary adjustments to provide water.  Mr. Rees acknowledged that information and stated that his plans were preliminary and he was not certain that he wanted to move his business to that location. 




Mayor Quarnberg informed the city council that the intersection on the Lost Creek Road and Highway 24 was again up for discussion with Sevier County.  The Mayor presented three different options for improving the intersection to help with safety.  The main issue was the ownership of the old railroad right of way.  It was suggested that Aurora City owned the railroad right of way property including the land that would be needed to improve the intersection.  Mayor Quarnberg expressed some hesitation in that he wasn’t certain that the entire portion was owned by Aurora City and that some of the property was owned by Derek Andreason.  Mayor Quarnberg stated that he would get with Sevier County to determined ownership of the property and visit with them further about the project.




Mr. Johnson informed the city council that his annual audit was completed and that the auditors had been satisfied with the financial records of Aurora City.  Mr. Johnson further explained that the auditors are always very complementary of the professional manner in which Aurora City conducts business and the cleanliness of the financial records.  The auditor had two findings that they had included in their report which were given in advance to city council members.  The two issues the auditors found were: 1-  Aurora City had allowed one of their accounts to drop below the 23% balance needed by state law for a period of 22 days.  Mr. Johnson informed the council that he was unaware that the law had

City of Aurora

City Council Meeting

January 15, 2018

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been changed and thought that the requirement was 20%.  2-  The city treasurer had not signed all of the reconciliation records done by the recorder.  These two findings were minor and the auditors were happy to report that they had found everything else to be in order.


Council Member Nancy Kennedy moved to approve the audit report and the findings of the auditors.  Council Member Andy Rasmussen seconded the motion.  The motion was approved by council members Kennedy, Rasmussen, D. Mason, K. Mason and Harrison.




Mayor Quarnberg informed the council that the city has prepared a dinner for out going Mayor Gurney and Council Member Joanne Shaw.  Mayor Quarnberg informed the council that the fire department was invited to cook the steaks and that assignments had been made for the dinner.  The dinner was scheduled for Saturday January 27, 2018 at 6:00 pm.




Council Member Nancy Kennedy informed the council and Mayor Quarnberg that the planning commission needed a new member with the election of Kelly Mason to the city council.  Mrs. Kennedy stated that the planning commission had four names that they would like to submit to the Mayor for his consideration.  Joanne Shaw, Jerry Deaton, Joey Sorensen and Tyson Hansen were the names given to the Mayor.  The city council stated that they had no problems with any of the names recommended and approved them for Mayor Quarnberg’s consideration.  (Later note:  Mayor Quarnberg selected Joanne Shaw for the position on the planning commission and Mrs. Shaw accepted that position)




The Aurora City dog clinic has been scheduled for Saturday February 10, 2018 from 9:00 am- noon.  Mr. Johnson informed the council that he has made the necessary arrangements and that a notice was placed in the Salina Sun.  Mr. Johnson also stated that he will put up the banner soon advertising the clinic.




City of Aurora

City Council Meeting

January 15, 2018

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Council Member Kelly Mason informed the council that he had been in contact with several different companies looking to provide security for the city buildings.  Mr. Mason stated that so far he had received no formal bids for the project but provided a couple of different options for the city.  Some of the options were self-installation, internet based, different quality of cameras etc.  After some discussion it was determined that the scout cabin location was where the greatest need for surveillance was located.  Council Member Mason stated that he would look into the need further and provide some options at next month’s meeting.




       Mayor Quarnberg along with Council Member Denton Mason, informed the council that

      many changes have been made with North Sevier Recreation.  The two members stated that

      North Sevier Recreation has made a deal with Salina City that they will rent the North Sevier

      Community Center for $600.00 per month.  The deal would allow North Sevier Recreation to

      control the building and receive all of the revenue with the building and then be responsible

     for all of the expenses.  The recreation board will be the governing body for the building and

     they have rented one of the offices to a private business at a cost of $300.00 per month.  The

      Mayor and Council Member Mason felt like this was a good option and that it will be a one

      year trial period.





Mayor Quarnberg informed the council that he has discussed the part-time maintenance job to Brett Blackburn.  Mayor Quarnberg felt that Mr. Blackburn was a good fit in that he knows Aurora City by having been on the city council for many years.  City Maintenance Manager Dan Rasmussen felt comfortable with the selection as well.


Council Member Andy Rasmussen moved that Aurora City extend an offer of part-time employment to Brett Blackburn at a rate of $14.00/hr.  Council Member Jim Harrison seconded the motion.  The motion was approved by Council Members Rasmussen, Harrison, K. Mason, D. Mason and Kennedy.


Mr. Rasmussen also informed the council that the water tank located North of Aurora City has begun leaking.  Mr. Rasmussen will find the extent of the leak and report back to the

City of Aurora

City Council Meeting

January 15, 2018

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city council in the near future.




The city council reviewed all of the reports.




Mr. Johnson explained to the city council that he would have his annual recorder’s training meetings coming up on March 26th through March 30th in Salt Lake City.  Mr. Johnson requested that the city council approve the funds for staying at the conference and for some of the meals.


Council Member Nancy Kennedy moved that Aurora City approve City Recorder Clint Johnson’s travel expenses to the annual Recorder’s training conference in Salt Lake City.  Council Member Andy Rasmussen seconded the motion.  The motion was approved by Council Members Kennedy, Rasmussen, D. Mason, K. Mason and Harrison. 


Mr. Johnson also requested that the new members of the city council fill out the sheet from Utah Independent Bank so that they can be added to the signature cards to sign checks.




The City Council determined that there would be no need to go into an executive session.




The city council finished their business at 9:20 pm and a closing expression of choice was offered by Denton Mason.


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