Aurora City Council Minutes

City of Aurora City Council Meeting July 17, 2017 Page 1 CITY OF AURORA WORK SESSION AND CITY COUNCIL MEETING – REGULAR SESSION July 17, 2017 FINAL Mayor Scott Gurney called the work session to order at 5:00 p.m. Mayor Gurney informed the public that the time place and agenda of the meeting had been placed on the state notice website and provided to the Salina Sun newspaper via the state website notification system. Each member of the city council also received notice of the meeting and agenda at least two days prior to the meeting. The notice and agenda were also posted at the Aurora City Office Building, the US Post Office lobby and on the website. WORK SESSION- Savage and Albrecht Engineer Jeff Albrecht informed the city council that he has concluded his work study. Mr. Albrecht presented what he felt the best option would be to the Aurora City Council to help with their irrigation and culinary water shortages. Mr. Albrecht stated that he would be willing to submit to the Division of Water Rights some change orders that would allow some of the water rights owned by Aurora City at the springs west of the city to be transferred to underground water usage. This would allow the city to pump both of the city wells at the same time and to reach the allowed water flow for both wells. It was also discussed that perhaps the state would require a little reduction in the water allowance by moving the spring water to underground water but Mr. Albrecht stated that in his conversations with the state, it was possible that no reductions would be required since it was for municipal purposes. This would allow Aurora City to begin to utilize their water rights by getting all of the water that Aurora City owns into production. It was also discussed how some of that culinary water could be used during times of shortage in the irrigation system. Mr. Albrecht felt that this could be a lot less costly for Aurora City rather than purchasing underground water rights, drilling a new well and piping the water to the city water tanks and irrigation pond. It was determined that this was a short term solution that would benefit Aurora City for the next 10-15 years. If future growth was such that a large influx of homes and families moving into the area were to occur, then Aurora City could head down the road toward Phase II where a new system would be developed. The city council discussed the four different change orders that would be submitted. Three were springs and one was a small well located south of Aurora. The city council discussed the needed changes to the chlorination system and Mr. Albrecht stated that he would get some cost estimates to upgrade the buildings and piping where the chlorination system currently stands. Mr. Albrecht also stated that it City of Aurora City Council Meeting July 17, 2017 Page 2 would cost Aurora City approximately $4000.00 for the change orders. Mr. Albrecht also stated that since he has concluded his water study, Aurora City would be charged to the remainder of his contract. The city council expressed appreciation to Mr. Albrecht for his good work and asked him to continue with the planning and upgrades to the current system. City Council Meeting- Mayor Gurney called the city council meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and Clint Johnson offered an opening expression of choice. PRESENT: Mayor Scott Gurney Council Member Nancy Kennedy Council Member Denton Mason Council Member Joanne Shaw Council Member Andy Rasmussen Council Member Daven Quarnberg STAFF PRESENT: Dan Rasmussen, City Maintenance Manager; Clint Johnson, City Recorder VISITORS: Jeff Albrecht, Devan Coates, Jim and Julie Harrison and Hal Jensen 1- APPROVAL OF CITY COUNCIL MINUTES The Aurora City Council reviewed the minutes of the June 19, 2017 meeting where a few corrections were made. Council Member Joanne Shaw moved to approve the minutes as corrected. Council Member Denton Mason seconded the motion. The motion was approved by Council Members Quarnberg, Rasmussen, Kennedy, Mason, and Shaw. 2. OPEN SESSION- Aurora City Resident and city building custodian approached the council to request that a dead bolt be installed on the outside doors in the chair and table storage room. Mrs. Harrison stated that the doors are easily pried open and for security purposes it would be City of Aurora City Council Meeting July 17, 2017 Page 3 beneficial to have the doors dead bolted. Mrs. Harrison also thanked those who helped with the sound system fiasco during the recent wedding held at the city building. It was determined that a new connection cord would be left in the sound system area so that citizens could use it and avoid future sound system problems. Mr. Jim Harrison also expressed his appreciation to the city maintenance crew for their efficient response to an irrigation water problem he recently had at his home. 3. WATER STUDY The city council reviewed all of the information given during the work session regarding the proposed water projects. Council Member Andy Rasmussen moved that Aurora City file change orders for the three springs and one well currently in the Aurora City culinary water system and have those rights moved to underground water to allow for the pumping of that water through the city wells. Mr. Rasmussen followed his motion to include that Aurora City pursue cost estimates for improvement to the city chlorination system and buildings and for the installation of a water line to the city irrigation pond. Council member Daven Quarnberg seconded the motion. The motion was approved by council members Rasmussen, Quarnberg, Shaw, Kennedy and Mason. 4. 4th of JULY DISCUSSION Council Member Andy Rasmussen informed the city council that the city’s annual 4th of July celebration was a huge success. Mr. Rasmussen conveyed information about the future plans for games and options the city will have. Council member Quarnberg informed the council that the fire department had served over 800 meals on the night of July 3rd and that the park was bursting with many people who were there to listen to the entertainment and watch the fireworks. Mr. Johnson stated and he, Kathryn Sedgwick and Council Member Joanne Shaw had counted the money and the events had taken in about $2948.00. Mrs. Sedgwick had determined that $2418.80 was earned by the students at North Sevier High School. The remaining $529.20 was a combination of tickets earned by the fire department and those who had purchased tickets and then never used those tickets. It was noted that those selling sno-cones and cotton candy had redeemed their tickets for cash during the 4th of July activities. Advertising costs and effectiveness were discussed and it was determined City of Aurora City Council Meeting July 17, 2017 Page 4 that an increase in advertising would probably not be cost effective since the event is already so well attended and the tradition is so well known. 5. CITY BUILDINGS- It was noted that many of Aurora citizens were concerned with the flag at the Aurora City Office Building not being lit during nighttime activities. It was discussed how it was not a requirement to light the flag during the night but it might be better to go ahead with the flag lighting since many citizens are requesting it. Mr. Dan Rasmussen stated that he and Gary Seegmiller will work on the project to the get the lighting completed. 6. ANIMAL CONTROL- Mr. Johnson informed the City Council that he had received numerous telephone calls regarding the health, welfare and number of horses seen at the home of Tina Jones. Mr. Johnson had guessed at the square footage of the property and had determined that Mrs. Jones was out of ordinance compliance by having six horses on her property. The City Council felt that this square footage estimate was incorrect and that Mrs. Jones was within her rights to have at least that number of horses on her property. The health and welfare of the horses was also discussed and the role of Aurora City in making that determination was questioned. Many citizens and people passing through town are concerned with the nature of the horses and how thin they were looking. An independent veterinarian would be contacted to see if he could give a recommendation for the horses. Council Member Rasmussen will look at the square footage of the property to insure compliance. 7. PARKS AND RECREATION Council Member Daven Quarnberg reported that the North Sevier Recreation Department would like to proceed with the changing of the ball diamond near the Aurora City building. Council Member Quarnberg stated that soccer will be moving to a Fall sport which will allow more children to participate in baseball next Spring and so usable ball diamonds will be needed. Mr. Quarnberg stated that new dirt, changing of the backstop and dugouts will be contracted out by the recreation department. It is hoped that this change can occur in the late Fall or early Winter. City of Aurora City Council Meeting July 17, 2017 Page 5 8. WATER USE REPORT- PAST DUE ACCOUNTS The Council Reviewed each report. 9. REVIEW OF FINANCIAL REPORTS AND EXPENDITURES The city council reviewed each report. 10. ITEMS FROM THE RECORDER Mr. Johnson informed the council that the Primary Election Day was quickly approaching. Mr. Johnson stated that the ballot had been prepared and was ready to send to residents on July 21, 2017. One candidate for city council will be eliminated during the primary election with the remaining four candidates moving on to the General Election in November. Mr. Johnson also informed the City Council that due to some delay in the delivery of mail to UDOT, the final contract for payment of the 2017 sidewalk project had just now been received. The new UDOT director of contracts had Aurora City go through a permit process after the project was completed and Aurora City can now expect reimbursement sometime in the near future. Mr. Johnson also stated that because of the delay, the request for a 2018 sidewalk project had not be received in time for consideration. Mr. Johnson stated that the post mark on the letter had clearly been shown to be before the deadline but that funding for projects had already been awarded and no funding was available for the coming year. Mr. Johnson determined that next year he will phone UDOT when he sends the application in to see if they have received the application. 11. EXECUTIVE SESSION/CLOSED MEETING The City Council determined that there would be no need to go into an executive session. 12. ADJOURNMENT The city council finished their business at 8:10 pm and a closing expression of choice was offered by Mayor Scott Gurney ___________________________________ Date Approved ___________________________________ Mayor ___________________________________ City Recorder