Aurora City Council Minutes

City of Aurora

City of Aurora

City Council Meeting

September 17, 2018

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SEPTEMBER 17, 2018



Work Session-

Mayor Daven Quarnberg called the work session meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.  Mayor Quarnberg informed the council and the public that this work session was to discuss options Aurora City would have to increase the quantity of culinary water available to Aurora City residents.  Mayor Quarnberg stated that the application sent to the Utah State Division of Drinking Water had been given a 90% loan and 10% grant which was unacceptable.  The Mayor stated to the city council that the city needed to explore other options that could be done in a more cost effective manner.  Jeff Albrecht from Savage Albrecht Engineering gave the city council some information about flow rates of the two current city wells.  Mr. Albrecht stated that a good option could be to refurbish one of the city wells to see if the needed water could physically be pumped from the current city well.  A test pumping would need to be done in order to determine if the recovery time was sufficient for the increase in water flow.  The test would be done at 33% higher than normal and pump about 1000 gallons per minute.  The well would then be tested for recovery time.  Mr. Albrecht’s firm will prepare any bid documents and make necessary preparations for the well testing.


City Council Meeting-

Mayor Daven Quarnberg welcomed everyone to the city council meeting at 7:00 p.m.  Mayor Quarnberg informed the public that the time place and agenda of the meeting had been placed on the state notice website and provided to the Salina Sun newspaper via the state website notification system. Each member of the city council also received notice of the meeting and agenda at least two days prior to the meeting.  The notice and agenda were also posted at the Aurora City Office Building, the US Post Office lobby and on the website.  Nancy Kennedy offered an opening expression of choice.


PRESENT:        Mayor: Daven Quarnberg

                        Council Member: Kelly Mason

                        Council Member: Andy Rasmussen

                        Council Member: Denton Mason

Council Member: Nancy Kennedy

                        Council Member: Jim Harrison

City of Aurora

City Council Meeting

September 17, 2018

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                        Maintenance Supervisor: Dan Rasmussen


STAFF PRESENT:  Clint Johnson, City Recorder


VISITORS:  Jeff Albrecht, Dustin Malmgren, Tony Gubler, Parker Vercimak, Kevin Torgersen, Kelly and Jennifer Quarnberg, Luella Cosby and Howard Lewis.




The Aurora City Council reviewed the minutes of the August 20, 2018 meeting. A few minor corrections were made.


Council Member Denton Mason moved to approve the minutes as corrected. Council Member Andy Rasmussen seconded the motion.  The motion was approved by Council Members K. Mason, Kennedy, D. Mason, Rasmussen, and Harrison. 




Aurora City Resident Luella Cosby asked the council about the amount of vehicles allowed to be parked on a person’s property.  The council mentioned that they are in the process of updating the nuisance ordinances and it could possibly help address the issue.  Resident Dustin Malmgren also asked the council about the irrigation water situation.  Mr. Malmgren questioned the amount of water shares the city owned to help keep the irrigation water pond full.  The council informed Mr. Malmgren that in normal years, the city has more than enough water shares to provide irrigation water to the community.  In fact, in the past the city has rented shares of water to local farmers because of the excess.  That has not been the case the past three years.




Tony Gubler approached the council to change his request for permission to make three lots on his property instead of two.  Mr. Gubler explained his desire to purchase another half share of water for his current property and then mentioned that the new owners of any lots would need to purchase their own irrigation water.  Mr. Gubler showed the council his survey map and mentioned that the planning commission had reviewed his request.

City of Aurora

City Council Meeting

September 17, 2018

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Council Member Andy Rasmussen moved to waive the subdivision requirements for this specific application for the following reasons:

A-     All city utilities and roads are currently in place.

B-     It is located in an existing part of the city where no annexation is needed. 

C-     The seller has stated that there are to be ONLY 3 lots created.

D-     It will better facilitate the distribution of water run off during spring thaws and summer rainstorms.  The current barrow pit along 400 W will need to remain in place to allow the drainage of the water.

E-      Required irrigation water will need to be supplied by the new property owners.

F-      No new services are needed to be installed by the city, services already available will be changed only at the expense of the applicant.


The motion was seconded by Council Member Kelly Mason.  The motion was approved by Council Members Rasmussen, D. Mason, K. Mason, Kennedy and Harrison.




The city council reviewed the information gained from the work session and discussed proceeding with a testing of the current well.  Mr. Albrecht stated that the entire project would be around $90,000.  The council felt that if a refurbishment could help with the culinary water supply, it would be much more cost effective than the proposed drilling of a new well.


Council Member Denton Mason moved to contract with Savage Albrecht Engineering Firm to get bids to test the existing well.  Council Member Andy Rasmussen seconded the motion.  The motion was approved by members:  D. Mason, Rasmussen, Kennedy, K. Mason and Harrison.




Mayor Quarnberg informed the council the planning commission had heard a request from Alan Gurr and Mr. and Mrs. Hirschi regarding the issuing of a conditional use permit on Mr. Gurr’s property.  Mr. Gurr had been given permission to split his lot into two separate lots under the condition of tearing down a shed that was in the way on the property.  The Hirschi’s wanted to leave the shed in order to store items while building their home on the property.  The Hirschi’s also wanted to park their travel trailer on the property and live in it

City of Aurora

City Council Meeting

September 17, 2018

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until their home is completed.  The planning commission felt that the original agreement with the Gurr’s needed to be followed and that allowing the living in a travel trailer on the property goes against city ordinances.  Therefore, the planning commission recommended that the city council NOT grant the conditional use permits. 




City residents Kelly and Jennifer Quarnberg and Kevin Torgersen approached the council asking for help to upgrade the arena at the West Park.  The Quarnberg’s informed the council that many individuals are using the facility to train their horses but that dirt bikes and vandals are ruining the dirt in the arena.  The council also discussed ways to allow horses into the arena while still keeping the motor vehicles out.  Locking of gates and other ideas were discussed.  Purchasing of blow sand and the need for a high quality dirt was discussed.  The Mayor stated that he will look into what it would take to get some blow sand from UDOT.  The Mayor and Council stated that they would like to see improvements made to the West Park and keeping the arena in good condition would be beneficial.  The city determined to continue working on the issue.




Aurora City Maintenance Supervisor Dan Rasmussen informed the council that new pumps had been purchased for the lift station on the sewer system.  The cost of the pumps with any added items would be about $30,000.00 but that these pumps should be used for many years.  The council determined that having sewer problems were not good and so they approved the purchase of any needed pumps.


Council Member Andy Rasmussen moved to approve funding for the purchase of new sewer pumps.  Council Member Jim Harrison seconded the motion.  The motion was approved by members:  Rasmussen, Harrison, K. Mason, D. Mason and Kennedy.




Buildings-  Use of security cameras at the scout cabin was discussed.  Council Member Kelly Mason stated that he will continue to work on the project.

Parks and Recreation-  Council Member Denton Mason informed the City Council that he felt things were running smoother than ever with North Sevier Recreation.  The Council discussed

City of Aurora

City Council Meeting

September 17, 2018

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Salina City’s fund raising for their new city pool and the possible requests that will come to Aurora City for the project. 




The city council reviewed each report.




The city council reviewed each report.


12. ITEMS FROM THE RECORDER-  Mr. Johnson reported that he had not continued in the exploring of a new credit card vender.  He was looking into some new information which would be better for the city in the future and will have more information at a future city council meeting.




The city council had no need to go into a closed meeting




The council concluded their meeting at 9:40 pm and a closing expression of choice was given by Clint Johnson.



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