Aurora City Cemetery Information

Memorial Day Celebration;

Revised 2-17-2014


Chapter 8-200                        CEMETERIES

It is the desire of Aurora City to operate and maintain the Aurora City Cemetery in a dignified manner.  It is to be appealing to visitors and a befitting resting place for departed loved ones.

Aurora City, through its policies and procedures, desires to offer as much freedom of choice as possible while preserving the regulations necessary to maintain a high standard of beauty and efficiency.  All guests of the cemetery, owners of burial rights, and residents of our community are encouraged to assist city personnel to achieve the above stated desires.


Administrative Office:           The administrative office is located at the Aurora City Offices, 20 South 120 East, Aurora, Utah, where the recorder is located and is responsible for all cemetery records.

Burial Rights:  The right to be buried in a cemetery plot; however, the property on which the plot is located is owned by Aurora City Corporation.

Burial Transit Permit:              A permit that is required by the state to transport a deceased person from one state to another for burial.

Cremains:       The remains after a person has been cremated.

Disinterment Permit:  A permit that is required by the state for the purpose of exhuming a burial to be transferred for burial in another place.

Flat Marker:   A marker that is placed flush with the ground.

Head of Household:   Either a married couple or a single person who is responsible for expenses incurred to maintain a residence.

Heir:    Someone who has inherited or is entitled to the right from a parent or relative who is no longer living.

Indigent:         A person who does not have the means with which a burial right can be purchased.

Installment Plan:   In order to allow the purchase of burial rights over time the following option is available:  A contract representing the purchase will be completed.  A non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total cost of the plot(s) to be purchased is required to be paid at the inception of the contract.  The remaining balance must be paid in full within one year.  If full payment has not been received within one year, the plot(s) will revert back to Aurora City and a refund of the amount paid over the 25% deposit will be given to the purchaser.  Under no circumstances, however, will an interment be permitted until a plot is fully paid for.

Marker:   An identification tool made of stone or similar material that is placed upon a grave which contains information about the person buried in that particular plot.

Perpetual Care:   The general care and maintenance necessitated by the natural growth and ordinary care which may be provided at reasonable intervals within the budget limits of the cemetery.  It includes the planting, cutting, watering, and care of lawns; upkeep of buildings, walks and roadways.  It also provides for the care of city approved trees, shrubs and flowers planted by cemetery personnel.  Perpetual care does not provide for maintenance of monuments, markers or flower vases.

Permanent Container:   A metal or marble container permanently affixed to the marker or cement foundation.

Person:   The term “person” shall mean:  an individual, a group, a partnership, a firm, a corporation, or an association.

Plot:    The parcel of ground designated for the right to bury an individual most commonly measuring approximately five feet by ten feet.

Resident:   Any person currently residing within the incorporated limits of Aurora City or immediately prior to being placed in a health care institution.

Sexton/Superintendent:   That person who is directly responsible for the general maintenance of the cemetery and the enforcement of cemetery policies and procedures.

Slant Marker:   A marker that has a gradual slant from ground level to a height of no more than four (4) inches.

Upright Marker:   A marker that stands upright with a maximum height of thirty (30) inches from ground level.


Chapter 8-210               LOT OWNERSHIP AND PRIVILEGES

8-211   Nature and Extent of Rights Acquired

Upon payment of the purchase price of a cemetery plot, the purchaser acquires the rights of burial in said plot, subject to the policies and procedures of the cemetery.

The city retains title to the cemetery property.

A certificate of burial rights will be issued to each purchaser after fees are paid in full. 

No interment will be permitted in, or marker allowed, on any plot not fully paid for.

All grave plots shall be sold with perpetual care.


8-212   Descent and Inheritance of Burial Rights

Burials by or of heirs, after the original parties named on burial certificates are deceased, requires the permission of living heirs, in writing, on forms supplied by the city office; proof of which may be determined on a case by case basis.

Aurora City shall, in no way, be held responsible for failure to properly determine the legal successorship of the said plot owner.

The heirs are entitled to the same use of a plot as the original owners and are bound by the same policies and procedures.

8-213  Transfer of Burial Rights

Owners of burial certificates may transfer their burial rights to other parties by filling out and signing forms provided by the city office.  Payment of transfer/recording fees are required before a new certificate is issued.

The records located at the city office are to be considered the correct record.  Any discrepancy between the city office records and the certificate of burial rights will be considered a clerical error.   The city reserves the right to recall, correct and reissue the correct certificate.

8-214  Resale of Burial Rights

The purchase of a cemetery plot does not include land, only the burial right for that plot.  The burial right to a plot can be sold back to the city or to anyone else, but it must meet the criteria of being a useable plot.  The determination of whether a plot is useable will be the decision of the Aurora City Recorder.

An owner or heir having a burial right to a plot may sell that plot back to Aurora City at any time.  The amount the City will pay for said plot will be the amount originally paid for the plot by the owner at the time of purchase.

An owner or heir may sell a plot to anyone at any time for a price to be set by the owner.  The buyer and seller of the plot must complete a record of transfer for the city in order that the city may record the new owner’s name in the city records.   A fee of $25.00 may be charged by the city to complete the transfer.  If the second owner or heirs thereof determine to sell a plot back to Aurora City, the amount the City will pay for said plot will be the amount originally paid by the first owner of the record.


Chapter 8-220                BURIALS

8-221    General Requirements

Burial rights to a plot are limited to human beings and not animals.  Animals may be interred with its human owner, however, an animal may not be interred in the cemetery unless buried with its owner.

Interments will be made only after a permit for burial has been filled out by a family representative or mortician prior to the opening of a grave.

Information for all interments must be given and all charges prepaid at the city office.  Information given by telephone will be taken with particular care, but Aurora City will not be responsible for errors arising or resulting from this procedure.  All such requests must be confirmed in writing.

The person making the request must give the plot owner’s name, address and all other information required on the burial report.  This information includes:  the name of the deceased, date and place of birth of deceased, date and place of death, name and address of person responsible for disposition, name of mother and father of deceased, name of funeral director, the date and time of the funeral, the location of grave plot to be used and whether or not the city will be responsible for removing the marker.

Notice for opening of a grave must be given early enough to allow at least twenty-four (24) regular working hours for the work to be completed.  Extra time may be required during winter months.

Aurora City will not be responsible for any mistakes that occur from the lack of precise and proper instructions regarding the proper grave plot where interment is desired.  When instructions regarding the location of a grave in block cannot be opened where specified, the sexton may, at his/her discretion, open it in such location on the owner’s purchased plot(s) as he/she deems best and proper, so as not to delay the funeral and affect the interment.

The city council may from time to time designate plots to be used for the burial of indigent persons.

No interment will be permitted or remains received, unless the proper written request is furnished.  Remains sent from other states must also be accompanied by a burial transit permit and filed at the city office.

8-222   Advance Payment of Burial Fee

Burial plots may be purchased on an installment plan if purchased in advance of need when the proper arrangements are made at the administrative office.  An installment plan requires a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total cost of the plot(s) to be purchased and the remaining balance to be paid in full within one year.  If full payment has not been received within one year, plot(s) will revert back to Aurora City.  NO refund will be given to the purchaser for the deposit amount paid.

An installment plan will not be allowed when a burial is being performed.  The person requesting the opening of a grave will be responsible for payment of all fees in preparation of the burial.  Mortuaries shall be given 30 days from the time burial is performed to make payment in full of opening/closing fees.  No grave will be opened until burial rights for it have been paid.

8-223   Hours When Burials Are Permitted

No funeral or interment will be allowed in the cemetery on Sunday or any of the holidays officially observed by Aurora City. 

On all other days, funerals will be allowed between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  Additional charges will be made for interments on Saturdays and during other than regular days and hours herein stated.

8-224   Duty of Funeral Directors

Funeral directors, in charge of funerals, must arrange the time for arrival at the cemetery so as to be out of the grounds before 4:00 p.m.  They will be responsible for the faithful observance of all the policies and procedures concerning funerals and burials unless prior arrangements are made with the administrative office.

8-225   Vaults

Vaults are required for all burials and must be made of concrete or metal.  Exceptions may be noted for infants and cremated remains.  Infant vaults must be made of concrete or fiberglass approved by the cemetery sexton.  Cremated remains must be placed in a container specifically approved for their content by the cemetery sexton.  Wooden vaults are not permitted.

8- 226   Excavating and Refilling of Graves

The sexton, superintendent or someone employed by the cemetery will be in complete charge of every interment.  No grave shall be opened, filled, refilled, or sod placed except under the direction of the sexton or superintendent.

8-227   Burials Per Grave

One interment only shall be allowed in a casket, except a father or mother with an infant child, or two children buried at the same time.  No more than one casket will be allowed in a plot.

8-228   Errors

The sexton, in conjunction with the administrative office, shall correct any errors made in interments, exhumations, removals, or in the description, transfer or conveyance of any interment property.



8-231   Funeral Flowers and Floral Pieces

Floral pieces will be removed without notice when they become unsightly.  Plot owners desiring to retain floral pieces must remove such within five (5) days after the interment.

8-232  Flower Containers

The placing of baskets, boxes, pots, jars, cans, wires, bottles, etc., will not be permitted on sod covered areas except on Memorial Day.

Permanent containers must be a part of the marker or cast into the cement foundation.

8-233  Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers are permissible if placed in a permanent container, but the location and use of such flowers shall be subject to the policies and procedures as determined by the city from time to time.

Artificial decorations will not be allowed on sod covered areas from April 1st to October 31st, except during the Memorial Day holiday, with the exception that flowers may be placed in permanent containers on above the ground level monuments.

Artificial flowers and grave decorations are permitted on any location from November 1st to March 31st and on Memorial Day.  Memorial Day decorations must be removed before 8:00 a.m. on the Monday following Memorial Day.

8-234   Fresh Cut Flowers

Fresh cut flowers are permitted in permanent containers anytime.

8-235   Planting or Excavating

No planting of any type of plant material, digging or disturbing the sod within the cemetery will be permitted.



8-241   Ownership and Responsibility

Monuments and markers are personal property.  All monuments within the cemetery are the property of plot owners, their heirs, or the responsible party that ordered and placed them.  Maintenance of the monuments is the responsibility of the owner.  The cemetery is maintained by city personnel who exercise great care in keeping the grounds groomed.  The city will not be responsible for inadvertent scratches and chips that occur from routine maintenance or vandalism.  Such happenings are a condition that come along with the privilege of placing the monument in the cemetery.

The city recommends plot owners to consult monument dealers relating to monument materials suitable to handle conditions at the cemetery.  Markers are subject to temperature extremes, snow, ice, sprinkler irrigation water and occasional nicks and chips from moving equipment.  The city also recommends that upright or slant markers have rough nosed base or edge rather than a polished smooth surface.

8-242   Monuments and Markers

All monuments or markers erected in the city’s cemetery shall be restricted in size and general make-up and shall only be erected by the issuance of a permit provided by the administrative office.  Persons ordering a monument from a monument dealer should first check, or cause to be checked, the restrictions, to insure that the monument will be permissible.

Only one marker is allowed per burial plot unless two infants, two cremations or a combination of a burial and a cremation are buried in the same plot.  A second marker can then be installed but, MUST be a flat stone installed at ground level.

When it becomes necessary to remove a monument for a burial, the owner will be responsible to make the proper arrangements.  Should the owner request Aurora City to remove the monument, the city shall not be held liable for any cost from damage that may occur during removal.  The request for removing a monument will be given and fees paid for when all other required information, pertaining to the deceased person, is given to the administration office.

If a monument company has been contacted to remove a monument for a burial, the monument company will also be responsible for returning the monument to its original location.

8-243   Requirements for Markers

Markers must be composed of metal, stone or cement.  All markers must be securely set in a finished grass-level cement foundation that allows for at least four (4) inches from the edge of the foundation (on each side of the foundation) to the marker.  Markers must be no higher than thirty-six  (36) inches from ground level.

Cement foundations of monuments or markers must be no wider than twenty-four (24) inches, and no longer than forty-six (46) inches for a single grave or eighty (80) inches for a double grave to the outer perimeter of the cement foundation. 

8-244   Additions to Markers

Vase and Flagpole additions to the monument will not be allowed.  These must be included in the original base or foundation of the marker at the time of installation.

8-245   Vases

All permanent vases must be attached to the stone foundation or cast into the cement foundation at least two (2) inches from the edge of the cement foundation.

Vases must sit above the container so flowers do not lay on the stone or grass or flowers must be at least four (4) inches above the container to allow for trimming around the edge of the foundation.

8-246   Flagpoles

All flagpoles must adhere to the following requirements:

  •         Flagpoles must be 1-inch pipe and 14 feet in height.
  •         Flagpoles must be the removable type
  •         Flagpoles must be mounted in the cement foundation on the south side of the marker, at least two (2) inches from the edge.

Flags will be allowed to fly during any holiday, but must be removed at any other time.  This will be the responsibility of family members.  Flagpoles that have not been used to fly flags in the cemetery over a two year period will be removed.

8-247   Shepherds’ Hooks

Shepherd hooks will be allowed so long as there is a border of at least four (4) inches of concrete on all sides of the base from the hook.  The hook must be over the monument so that anything flown or hanging from the hook will fall over the monument and not onto the grass.



8-251   Boundaries, Roads, and Waterlines

The right to enlarge, reduce, re-plat or change the boundaries of the cemetery, or a section or section thereof, from time to time, including the right to modify or change the locations of roads and drives, is hereby expressly reserved by Aurora City.  The right to install, maintain and operate pipelines or gutters for water supply or drainage is also expressly reserved.

8-252   Location of Documents

All original maps, records and other documents pertaining to the Aurora City Cemetery are maintained at the administrative office.


8-261   Entrance Regulation

Access to the Aurora City Cemetery may be restricted to daylight hours.

8-262   Improper Conduct

The Aurora City Cemetery has been dedicated for the burial of the deceased.  Any behavior or conduct not in keeping with this purpose is expressly forbidden.  No person shall injure, deface, take or carry away from any plot, monument, marker, tree, shrub, flower, ground or any other property or ornament in the in the Aurora City Cemetery.

8-263   Speed Limit

The speed limit within the Aurora City Cemetery is 10 miles per hour.  Vehicles must stay on driveways while in the Aurora City Cemetery.  Cutting corners and driving on the lawns are prohibited.


8-264   Animals

Horses, dogs, or any other type of pet or livestock are not permitted on the cemetery grounds.  The owner of any such animal found to be in violation of this prohibition shall be cited for trespass.

8-265   Motorcycles and All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)

Motorcycles and all terrain vehicles (ATVs) are not permitted in the cemetery except for those used for maintenance, professional suppliers, or are part of a funeral procession.



8-271   Office – Records

The official cemetery records are kept at the administrative office of Aurora City Corporation.  All business pertaining to the cemetery shall be transacted at the administrative office during the city’s normal business hours.

The location of all plots is shown by maps and records that are on file at the administrative office.

All owners of plots are requested to notify Aurora City Corporation of any changes in their addresses.

8-272   Powers of the Superintendent / Sexton

The cemetery superintendent / sexton, subject to the direction of the city council, is responsible for enforcing the policies and procedures of the cemetery.

The superintendent/sexton may take such action necessary to protect property, plot owners and the cemetery from injury and to preserve the peace and good order at the cemetery. 

8-273   Prices and Charges

The city council may establish or amend by resolution the fees charged for any service within the cemetery.  Said fees are subject to change without formal notice to the public.

8-274   Contractors and Outside Workers

Contractors and others having work to do in the cemetery must make their business known to the superintendent/sexton before work is begun.

8-275   Disinterments

Exhumation must be arranged for through the administrative office.  All fees and permits must be given to the administrative office before disinterment is commenced.  The written request of the plot owner, his legal representative, or a request from a competent authority in compliance with law must also be given.


8-276   Liability of Cemetery

Aurora City cemetery personnel will, at all times, exercise diligence and reasonable care in the protection of the rights and property of the plot owners, but shall not be liable for any damage or loss.

8-277   Alteration and Repeal of Policies and Procedures

Aurora City Corporation reserves the right to make, amend, and repeal the policies and procedures of the cemetery and to make exceptions thereto.

8-278   Any person violating the provisions of the cemetery policies and procedures shall be guilty of a Class B misdemeanor and shall be fined accordingly.


8-280   Fee Schedule

The fee schedule for perpetual care and other cemetery services may from time to time be adjusted by resolution of the city council.

The fee schedule as of 1/10/2014 is:

Cemetery Burial Space (one grave)…………………….    $200.00

Open/Close (weekday)……………………………………….     $200.00

Open/Close (Saturday)……………………………………….     $300.00